10 Key Elements Your Advertising Should Have

by Jenny on September 21, 2012

As with many other things “Visual appeal” is what sells an advertisement. “You wouldn’t buy an ugly cake or an ill fitting garment, so you won’t buy a product that is poorly advertised” Suggest the Phorm advertising experts The whole purpose to a great ad campaign is to attract prospective buyers or users; a process that can be hard, especially today that advertisements are so competitive.

According to the Linkedin company profile for Phorm, “For an ad to be effective it must meet a few of the following 10 great advertising techniques to be considered effective:"

1 – Have that Special Allure
A good advertisement needs to allure the viewer immediately. It is essential that an ad attract attention from people who just glance that way for even a second; if it’s effective it forces the viewer to take a longer look.   

2 – Creative
For an ad campaign to be extremely effective it really needs to be very creative, unusual and interesting; something people have not seen before. You want an advertisement that presents your product or service in a fun and attractive way. To a customer’s mind, a good ad represents a great company.   

3- Shout it Out
The louder you say something the more people will turn to look at you. The same holds true for your advertising. If your add says something as loud as possible the more it will be heard. Loud is a difficult concept to explain, its an ad that will speak to people not necessarily because of it’s size, but because of what it says and the way it is presented.   

4 – Self Explanatory
A good ad leaves nothing to the imagination; it doesn’t take too much thinking. Although, you need to creatively get your message across to prospective clients, it shouldn’t require too much time for them to get the gist of the message.   

5 – Colors that Work
The colors of your advertisement should be vibrant, yet match the design and the product of the advertisement. The colors need to work with the product and still appeal to the viewer without being too distracting.   

6 – The Message
A good advertisement should carry a great message either visually or in the blurb. Period.

7 – Make a Statement
No matter how it is designed or what the product is, the right ad has to make a statement. It must be unique and very different from that of any other ad. It must be original and different.   

8 – Create a Reaction
To be effective you have to create a feeling or reaction. This has to show through in the advertisement. This needs to show through when looking at the advertisement.

9 – Simple
The greatest ads say it all with an image or one word. They are extremely simple and easy to understand. Visually enticing but very simple.   

10 – Humorous
Ads that offer humor or that “cute” moment are great at attracting attention. Sometimes humor doesn’t work for a certain type of product, but when possible it should be used.

Creating effective advertising isn't brain surgery, but it does require a fair amount of strategic planning and foresight. The tips above should launch you unto the right path.

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