20 Great Business Blog Post Ideas

by Jenny on June 4, 2010

Content ManagementCorporate weblogs through company blogging must be worked on a regular basis.  You always want to be sure that the content always updated and that you are posting great business ideas relevant to your company. This is so that your customers (whether they are businesses or consumers) will have interest in the corporate weblog and will actively participate and interact on a regular basis with you.

Listed below are 20 great business blog post ideas which will make company blogging sizzle.

  1. Businesses should come up with their employees’ needs and wants for company blogging to be interactive.
  2. Examine and review pros and cons of current industry issues.
  3. Choose a topic which is useful for the business.
  4. Ensure to post topics which will be beneficial to your employees and customers or either or.
  5. It is best to interview important and controversial employees or people in your business which contribute greatly to yourcompany.
  6. Invite employees to submit and post interesting articles.
  7. Post recent events in your business.
  8. Long comments are better – so ask for people’s experiences, ideas and thoughts.
  9. Taking alternate position is better.
  10. Regular updates must be done.
  11. Review employee’s blogs as you might get more ideas from them.
  12. Share and get ideas from your bloggers and the blogosphere.
  13. Connect and have contact with bloggers with the same niche or complimentary niche and share ideas.
  14. Posts should be opinionated.
  15. Review your corporate weblog activities and statistics and check what keywords are constantly being used.
  16. It is good practice to automatically “tweet” your posts to attract new viewers.
  17. Support the post with related and significant post links.
  18. Regularly invite experts to post on your company blog.
  19. If your business has important findings beneficial to the company, post it.
  20. Popular company’s posts should be posted again in a different format – as you can never have enough content!

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