3 Business Blog Elements To Consider

by Jenny on January 20, 2011

3 Business Blog Elements To ConsiderSometimes readers view your blog and if they find it appealing, they become your customers. Sometimes, the opposite happens. This could be due to several things with your web page content that you might have taken for granted but actually matters to potential customers.

Here are 3 aspects of your blog to check to attract more readers:

  1. Voice or Tone of Your Blog– You should know that your website content articles are written in a certain voice. There are blogs with a friendly tone, others with an authoritative voice and some in a satirical voice. Be advised that your business has its own personality and it should be reflected on your blog.
  2. Approachability– Is your blog welcoming? There are tools like the WordPress Greet Box that entices new visitors to subscribe to your company blog. A quick tip, try to engage your readers with a question or invitation to comment.
  3. Blog Buzz– Overall, is your blog interesting? In other words, does it have what it takes to make readers come back for more? Excellent website content is the key.

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