3 Media Tools to Improve Corporate Blog Content

by Jenny on March 8, 2011

3 Media Tools to Improve Corporate Blog ContentBusiness blogging employ different types of media to become effective. Aside from photos, there are other ways to get your blog content across in a manner that can keep your readers loyal and widen your audience base.

Here are 3 add-ons that you can use on your corporate weblog:

  1. The Bigger, The Better – This is in relation to blog lists. Because they make good linkbait posts, a larger list is often the one chosen to be shared by visitors of your blog. If you have “7 Ways to Make Money” and “70 Ways to Make Money”, which one will more readers choose to read and share? However, make sure that the content of the list is useful.
  2. Creativity in Videos – Take the time to make a video that can go viral because it is exciting, new and unique. A visual treat is even more stimulating than that of a good read.
  3. Infographics are In – Adding a chart on a blog post is good but when you add an infographic, it becomes eye-catching and interesting. Infographics are upgraded graphs, charts, images or slideshows that represent data.

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