3 Quick Ways To Revamp Your Company Blog

by Jenny on January 19, 2011

3 Quick Ways To Revamp Your Company BlogNow that you have your blog and applied practically most of the seo copywriting know-how available to you, you’re probably wondering how come you’re not enjoying the rewards other company blogs reap?

You don’t need to buy blog posts (although you can). Sometimes, you only need to tweak one or two things to make a difference. Here are 3 things you can do that might just be what you need to rev up traffic to your business blog:

  1. Create a tagline. If your company doesn’t have one, think up of one. If you already have a tagline, check to make sure that it’s catchy, easy to remember and answers a need your target customers are searching for.
  2. Push your products. Some blogs fail to sell their products by hiding them in obscure posts or tabs. Visitors are interested to know what you’re offering, whether it’s a service or an item. Make your products visible and available to potential customers.
  3. Clean up your sidebar. Remove unnecessary information that can only clutter your site. Go over your categories, make sure that they are easy to look through and are sorted well.

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