3 Reasons PhoneFactor Can Succeed at Content Marketing Services

by Jenny on April 13, 2012

Buy Blog PostsWith the threats of identity theft through phishing and other fraudulent ways and means, PhoneFactor has created a tokenless technology to thwart off that danger.

PhoneFactor is a company that uses a two-factor platform (your computer and your phone) to make the authentication process more secure. Their service can send you a text message wherein you are required to enter your PIN and a voiceprint feature that asks you to speak a passphrase.

A freelance writer blog is something PhoneFactor can have to promote the services they offer and to give relevant information on identity theft and the like. Here's how:

1. They know who to blog for. PhoneFactor targets individuals, businesses and companies who want secure online transactions.

2. They can become an authority in their field. PhoneFactor can hire article writers to provide info on news and studies related to its niche.

3. They can show who they care. PhoneFactor can have blog posts on tips and how-tos that can help anyone who wants to keep their personal data safe.

Learn more about blogging for your business and get to know the best blog writers for your company by contacting us.



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