3 Things to Look for in a Spanish Blog Ghost Writer

by Jenny on July 19, 2012

"Se habla español."  Those are the first three words you communicate when you want to reach the 153 million people who read, speak and search the Internet exclusively in Spanish.  Recognizing that Spanish is the third most popular Internet search language behind English and Chinese, many astute business owners have been capitalizing on the rapid growth of the Hispanic and Latino community for years.  It's not too late. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

3 Things to Look for in a Spanish Blog Ghost Writer:

  1. A business ghost writer is a professional who writes articles and blog posts targeting particular markets or segments of consumers.  A Spanish blog ghost writer employs content creation keywords and phrases that appeal to Hispanic and Latino buyers.
  2. A highly-skilled Spanish blog ghost writer knows how to maximize the gross impressions created by SEO product descriptions that convey a sense of urgency, eliciting an immediate call to action on the part of prospective buyers. 
  3. Digital contention creation that drives Spanish-speaking consumers to a businesses' brand, products and services is constantly emphasized, helping place the client company on the first page of the search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN.  Hispanic and Latino buyers are keenly aware of brand and product perceptions and view first page rankings quite favorably.

Let Business Blog Writers show you how to enhance your company's prestige among Spanish-speaking buyers worldwide. 



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