3 Tips for a Great Blog Post

by Jenny on May 31, 2010

how toWhen you go online, you notice that there is a cascade of online blogs that advertise, sell and promote products. However, when you visit these blogs, you will notice that not all the blogs are great and attractive for consumers. Here are 3 corporate blogging tips that you need to keep in mind so that people do not shake their heads at your blog and move on.

1. Keep it Short, or Keep it Interesting – The length of a corporate weblog is not really relevant as long as you can do two things: keep people reading, or let the people know what you are selling as soon as possible. If you can spin your blog in such a way that people can find out what your product, and the credibility of your company are in about 3-4 minutes of reading, then it is good. If you can keep your audience interested for longer than that, then better.

2. Don’t Embellish – There is something to be said for good product advertisement, but do not go overboard and exaggerate about the good things of your product and services. Most consumers can spot corporate weblogs that are literally just blowing smoke, and will leave in a hurry, no matter how good the product really is. Leave a testimonial page, and let your customers tell others about the virtue of your stuff!

3. Make it People-Friendly – Remember, not everyone who is going to visit your blog is going to know a lot about your product or service. Refrain from using words that are too technical or high fluting. If that is unavoidable, then make sure to immediately follow it up with a simpler explanation of the meaning of the word. Consumers do not really like websites that are not accessible, and that will affect your sales.

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