3 Tips to Create Saleable Product Descriptions

by Jenny on November 25, 2012

Creating saleable product descriptions for any business website can be a challenge and even more so – a pretty cumbersome project.

Listed below are 3 great tips to create salable product descriptions.

  1. Keywords – as in your blog posts, you want to be sure to include relevant keywords in product descriptions.  Believe it or not, a lot of product descriptions and product description titles forget to include the main noun that describes them.  In other words, let's say you have a pair of socks that you sell on your website and they are called "Toe-holders" or something along those lines.  You might completely forget to call them socks because you are more focused on their given name of "Toe-holders" rather than the most obvious name people would search for "socks" – but the best base is to use these two main keywords both in the description.
  2. Creativity – product descriptions tend to be short – about 150 words – most people don't even read the product description.  So keep it short, keep it creative and keep it fun – to engage the reader to read more of your descriptions.
  3. Details – "the devil is in the detail" – more like the less chance of return is in the details – are you writing product descriptions about purses?  Does it have snap closure or a zipper one?  People who are buying purses care about these things!

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