3 Tips to Writing Compelling Blog

by Jenny on November 10, 2012

Most entrepreneurs live with the notion that if they create a blog to promote their business online, it will start receiving traffic on its own. While this is certainly possible, it isn't usually the case.

There is a lot that goes into having your be found on the Internet and then, of course, when someone has found your blog, getting them to stay and click on your call to action is another challenge.  There is much to consider when you are thinking about having a blog and it doesn't stop with just the idea of it.  You need to have a strategy, regular posts and be methodical about what you post.

Apart from creating a stylish and user-friendly blog, you might also want to focus on the kind of content that goes into it. Listed below are few great tips to create great blog posts for your business blog.

  1. To craft a well framed blog post, it is much like writing a paper on a much smaller scale. You want an intro, body and conclusion and the entire thing must flow.
  2. It is also important to include some keywords that are highly relevant to what you do, so that when you are searched on the Internet, you are found.  For example, as Business Blog Writers, our keywords are usually 3-word keyword phrases, as they have more relevance to what we do than a single keyword would.  For example, eventhough we write blog posts, the keyword "blog" wouldn't really apply to us, because we are part of what makes up a blog, we are not a blog.  We are, however, "blog post writers", so on our own blog, we want to be sure to use that keyword phrase. When people know what they want, but don't know the name of the company that does such a thing, they go looking for information online using keywords. Well written SEO blog posts become a big hit on search engines that are looking to deliver relevant information to their clients – the searchers.
  3. Another promising way to improve the visibility of your blog post is to create a catchy title including a vital keyword. The title of your post is usually the first thing that a patron comes across when going through the search engine results, as you can see in the screen shot below – on Google, the blue portion, outlined in red, is your blog post title. So you can tell from this example, how crucially important a title is!

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