3 Ways on How To Manage Your Business Blog

by Jenny on February 10, 2011

3 Ways on How To Manage Your Business BlogKeeping a business blog is actually challenging for some people. Sometimes, many professionals underestimate the time, energy and commitment on maintaining a corporate blog. Ideally, a full-time business blogger is assigned to monitor and manage your blog.

For starters, here are 3 simple tips that may assist you on keeping your blog right on track.

  • Create an editorial calendar. Setting aside time to write posts, do research and when to publish posts is more effective when you have a visual calendar or even a virtual one to guide and remind you of your tasks.
  • Stay informed. Always keep up with the latest news, technology, tools or techniques related to your niche. Keeping your blog content updated will keep your readers coming back for more and also improve your page rank with search engines.
  • Track comments and conversations. Although blog content writing is important, comments by readers are as important too. A great blog stems from it being a good listener, responsive and caring. Sincere appreciation from the company encourages readers to care more about the company too.

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