3 Ways to Promote Your Business Blog

by Jenny on June 2, 2010

promoteIn the vast world of the Internet, it is literally a jungle out there for those who want to advertise and promote a business blog. You have to compete for consumer attention, high SEO rankings and prime advertising spaces online.

Here are 3 great ways to promote corporate weblogs effectively:

Make your Website Fresh and Interesting – Company blogging needs not be strictly businesslike and stuffy. A boring look, block ads or an overly business-like tone tends to scare most average consumers away, and is only attractive for high business-minded people. Why not ask professional blog designers to spruce up your page a little? Some attractive color schemes, a few company related pictures and some animation so that its webpage is attractive to the eyes.

Get a High SEO Rank – The higher your SEO rank, the better, since most people will only click the first few websites that will show up during an engine search. Get professional SEO writers to create the content for your corporate weblog. Maximize the keyword density without compromising on the content of the website is a hard job for people who are not experienced in writing SEO web content. You do not want to get a high SEO ranking, but not have good content on your webpage.

Create Links to Other Websites Through Paid Advertisements – Pay a small fee to other websites that have high traffic, such as well-known civilian blogs or social media websites, and have your company’s logo or brand name displayed proudly!

If the idea of providing content on your blog sounds overwhelming, we can help.  Please contact us for a quote on blog writing for your blog.

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