3 Ways to Revive Previous Blog Posts

by Jenny on May 18, 2011

Content Creation ToolsWhen you want to generate additional backlinks for your company blog, your seo web content should be new, interesting and have a lot of appeal to your readers. This kind of content creation might seem daunting at first but soon you’ll find there are various ways of recycling your archived posts.

Here are 3 simple things to try:

  1. Compile the summaries of related posts and make them into an infographic. An infographic is a tool that lets you take complex information and present it in a visually appealing form that also lets you understand the data easily.
  2. Convert your blog posts into a podcast. This is another way of letting your message reach your target audience. Plus, submitting your audio to podcast directories make it easier for people to know more about your business.
  3. Create a video from your previous posts. Use slides, add some quality narrative and upload your video online. 

Digital content creation such as those listed above can be provided for by freelance content writers. Contact us for a free quote and learn other services we offer.

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