4 Strategies To Try on Your Business Blog

by Jenny on April 19, 2011

4 Strategies To Try on Your Business BlogThere’s always room for improvement when it comes to blogging. This is because you should assume that your average online reader is someone who wants the latest and most probably the best from any website he visits. This is when you should employ professional blog writing services for your company blog.

Here are 4 strategies that can get your readers hooked:

1. Give something away, for free. Yes, there’s no better ‘come on’ than free stuff. You can offer sample products or even a free demo of the services your business offers. Think online coupons.

2. Offline efforts go a long way. Don’t underestimate the power of a business call, a handwritten note or sms (text message). Personalized service makes your existing clients feel special and valued.

3. Be kind and reply to comments. Take the time and effort to reply on every comment. Your readers took the time to leave them, the least you can do is to acknowledge their thoughts and opinions.

4. Reciprocate when mentioned. There are now more ways to get your brand or business recommended or talked about. Follow through the authors by thanking them. You can do this via comments or acknowledging them in your own blogs writing.

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