5 More Blog Strategies for Your Company Blog

by Jenny on April 4, 2011

5 More Blog Strategies for Your Company BlogTo further push your company blog, there are 5 strategies you can apply:

  1. Promote Via Social Media Tools – Let your readers know about your business blog posts through Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms.
  2. Keep It Personal – People like reading blogs because they are written on a level that’s easy to understand. The casual and conversational style of blogs writing is not only appealing but it is also engaging.
  3. Link Love – Placing links on your corporate weblog is a must. This is where you can give proper acknowledgement to your sources and build up your subscriber base by giving them useful links on topics of interest. It’s also where you can promote your blog further in a subtle manner.
  4. Be Versatile – This refers to your subject matter. Don’t make your company blog be all about you. Get into your readers’ heads and pick out topics to write about that matters to them as well.
  5. Total Recall – Always keep your company’s goal on creating a blog. Focusing on your blog’s main purpose will also streamline your activities on how to keep it updated and how to promote it better online.

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Dan B April 23, 2011

Good idea. People don’t want to feel like your “always trying to sell them something.” I sell sports memorabilia, and I have listed a few items for sale on my blog, however, them the topics that get the most traffic are the ones that are more of a general discussion about sports, such as, “Who will win the Super Bowl?” or “Who should be in the Hall of Fame?” If you blog about things people like to talk about, they’ll find your blog.


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