5 More Company Blog Post Ideas

by Jenny on March 23, 2011

5 More Company Blog Post IdeasBlogging brings a personal touch to a company’s business side and because of this, you can reach out to more people in different ways. You can have content writers come up with several blog posts that are SEO web content friendly and valuable to your readers, for example.

For more ideas, here are some posts you can try to use to get your audience engaged:

  1. Humor – A funny post based on your niche or a satirical post that entertains is a good way to get comments and feedback.
  2. Tradeshows – A post on an upcoming event is a great way to get noticed. During the tradeshow, you can also update your audience with photos and observations. At the end of the event, you can give your own insight about the tradeshow.
  3. Review – Based on the latest news on technology, issues, research and other industry-related subjects, give a review on the gadget, software, practice or book.
  4. Your Company – A post on what it’s like to work in your company or what is a day in your life like as an entrepreneur.
  5. Your Competition – Check to see what your competition is writing about and give your own two cents’ worth on the same topic.

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