5 More Reasons To Love Compendium’s Content Marketing Services

by Jenny on December 27, 2011

Yesterday, we talked about 5 reasons to love Compendium.  There are probably over 100 reasons to love Compendium, but I thought I’d give you 5 more:

  • Post Assignment Functionality: Blog moderator can assign posts to authors, build a draft, assign a due date and see progress color coded on the content calendar.  This is especially important when you have mulitple people in an organization that are writing.
  • Most Popular Posts: Shows “Top Posts” and contributors making it easy to know what topics are popular without having to access Google Analytics separately.  We wrote a blog post about how easy this is recently, here’s a link to it, in case you want to see how easy it is: Easy Blog Post Idea If You Have a Compendium Blogging Platform
  • Keyword phrases prompter suggests targeted phrases to help authors target search terms and phrases more appropriately
  • Message Meter gives real-time feedback to authors on how they’re doing at targeting the important keywordphrases.  It also helps you know you are getting high quality content before publishing.
  • URL Editor: URL editor makes post titles more search friendly, while leaving the more creative titles for reader engagement.

Our web content writing service combined with Compendium’s superior platform makes for a successful freelance writer blog.

Learn more about Compendium by filling out this form.  Learn more about how to outsource content writing with us.

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