5 Proven Ways to Get More Comments on Your Business Blog

by Jenny on February 17, 2011

5 Proven Ways to Get More Comments on Your Business BlogA way you can gauge lead generation from your company blog is to check how many people leave comments on your blog posts. Although it’s not extremely reliable, still, it is one area where you can convert leads into sales.  So how can you have more people leave comments?

Here are 5 website content ideas you can use:

1. Write “great” posts– You can hire blog writers to choose a topic well and to present them in a creative manner that will make your corporate blog unique among the rest of your niche.

2. Weave in questions– Any freelance copywriter will tell you that asking readers for their thoughts on a topic in your blog posts is essential. Visitors always want to know that what they might write on your company blog, matters.

3. Start a contest– You can use reader comments as entries to your contest. Your prize could be a sample product from your business.

4. Comment back– People like being acknowledged. Replying to comments posted on your blog further encourages more comments.

5. Disable captchas– Often, people get discouraged to comment because of  captchas. Allowing people to comment anonymously simplifies the process.

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