5 Questions to Answer as Business Blog Post Ideas

by Jenny on February 15, 2011

5 Questions to Answer as Business Blog Post IdeasDesperate for website content? Don’t despair because you can blog write new posts by simply answering these 5 questions:

1. What makes you passionate about your business?
This question can lead you to talk about who influenced you to start your business. This can be a person, an event, a place or a thing.

2. What are things you wish you can change in your line of business?
This blog post is your company wish-list that can be about marketing practices, management issues and more.

3. Who is the most prominent person in your industry that you would like to meet?
An introduction about this person can be included in the blog post together with the reason as to why you want to meet him.

4. Who are the best in your industry you should emulate?

This can be a post of companies best known for its success in your industry.

5. What are the biggest mistakes you should avoid in your industry?
This can be centered on recognizing the blunders, how to prevent them and how to remedy them if they are made.

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