5 Reasons To Have a Content Strategy with a Blog

by Jenny on June 15, 2012

I recently got an email where a prospective client inquired as to why they would want to blog.  Being in this business, some people know of blogging and others just call and say to us, "I know I need to blog, so what do I need to do?"

Whether you don't understand blogging or do, you might be interested in knowing why you should have a good content strategy.

Here are the 5 reasons I gave the prospective client as to why one would want to blog:

  1. Get to Know You Audience – More times than not, your prospective clients are looking to see if you are active on your website and if you respond to your customer inquiries.  Blogs help to show clients that you are active and of course, you can create blog posts that address people's different questions.
  2. Push Out the Content – So many companies spend a lot of money on building up their Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Rather than putting content on other people's websites – put it on your own and then push it out to the social media networks, asking people to return to your website and buy your product or take a look at your services.
  3. Improve Your Products – Gone are the days where companies and their products aren't exposed on the Internet.  With so many third party websites that can talk about your product, take control of your products and blog about them yourself so that you dominate the blog-sphere.
  4. Own Your Brand – Similar to improving your products, when you are the one pushing out the most content on your blog and social media networks, then you have the potential to dominate the category and own your brand.
  5. Customer Aquisition – In Hubspot's recent in-depth The State of Inbound Marketing, they mention how the frequency of blog posts has a direct correlation with customer acquisition.  Hubspot noted that 92% of blog users who put up multiple blog posts a day acquired a customer through their blog, wherein only 56% of users who blogged once a month acquired a customer.  This research shows a clear relationship between multiple blog posts per day and a high percentage of customer acquisition.  You can see this clearly laid out in the chart below.

HubSpot The 2012 State of Inbound Marketing

We love Compendium as a software program that helps you create a seemless content strategy and helps to keep your content organized. 

If you need help creating content you can always outsource content writing to a web content writing service like us.

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