5 Reasons to Leave Comments on Blogs

by Jenny on July 27, 2010

Business Blog WritersOne of the best blogging tools you can ever use is to leave comments on other blogs. Most blog platforms will let you insert or leave your site’s URL. This will allow you to name your site through a hyperlink. If people want to see what you are talking about or how your blog relates, they will click your link.   Here are reasons to leave comments on blogs:

Receive More
Commenting is the right thing to do. What you give, you will get more of on your own site. The more comments you put out, the more you will receive yourself.

Build Your Brand
By commenting on other business blogs, you can build your own company brand. There are a lot of readers who just go to different blogs to read the comments posted by others. Most readers will come to remember you by this alone, especially if they like the kind of blog posts you receive. Before you comment, make sure your post will be thought out.

More People Subscribe
Through your company blogging comments, you are potentially driving traffic to your site. This shows that the visitors must really like what you are saying in your post and may even subscribe to your blog. People can look at different blogs and just subscribe to yours based on your stats.

Building Your Profile
By commenting on other blogs, you will get to give your expert input and build your own profile at the same time. It shows that you have knowledge and understand the topic at hand.

You may read about some ideas or rules you may want to enforce in your own blog. Other bloggers in your field may have ideas that you can revamp and make better in your own blog.

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