5 Reasons to Love Compendium’s Content Marketing Services

by Jenny on December 26, 2011

Compendium is a business blogging software platform that we often write on – and actually, I am writing on it right now!  Whenever we have to post in a system other than Compendium, it’s inevitable that we have issues galore.

So, I thought I would compile some reason why to love Compendium:

  • Custom content moderation workflow: Multiple Moderation Layers available so that admins have the ability to approve and improve content first rather than allowing hired bloggers to post directly to the site.
  • Customized content approval work flow:  Content can first pass through a moderator, then passed to the second moderator for final approval and publishing. This could be fully customized to include an SEO person who can edit and optimize the post more, passing it to the next layer of approval.  This is all self-contained in Compendium and sends alerts between authors and moderators to make it most efficient.  And there’s less time spent e-mailing back and forth.
  • Redirects manager for moderators/admins:  Allows you to easily customize your redirects for maximum results
  • Tags: Auto-tagging functionality tags/buckets post to the appropriate category pages automatically, keeping these pages more relevant for both readers and search engines.  (manually tagging available as well at both the author and moderator level)
  • Content Calendar: Easy to access content calendar, helps keep posts organized for scheduled releases – less human time needed.  Keeps everything organized in one place.

There is nothing comparable to Compendium.  If you are interested in learning more about it, simply fill out this form.

If you would like to hire us for content creation, then you can easily buy blog posts by contacting us.

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