5 Tips for Writing a Blog that Stands Out

by Jenny on July 12, 2010

colorCorporate weblogs are becoming more popular. Readers are drawn to blogs since they offer a personality that most consumers don’t see out of corporations.

Here are some tips on blogging for writing an effective blog that stands out to the reader. 

  1. Write Less – Give as much information as you possibly can but use the least amount of words that you can possibly use. A lot of people tend to do scan reading, so getting out as much as possible in less words save time.
  2. Use Bullet Point Lists – Readers love lists as they put the information into a structured formatting. 
  3. Use Keywords – Use keywords in your posts that people will use to search for your blog. Use the keywords in your header and throughout the body of the blog also. The keywords should be placed so that there’s a natural to the writing.
  4. Use Links – Links should be used to support your posts. The links should direct the reader to the other web pages that have context relating to your posts. Providing links also builds your credibility. Linking helps you to build a network of associates who will link to your blog as well. 
  5. Blog Using Firefox if Possible – If you can blog with Firefox, do so as often as possible. Firefox has a spell checker that is built in, so your blog posts look professional. Internet explorer does not visibly have a spell checker built in and will not catch any of your typos.

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