5 Tips on What to Post on Your Blog

by Jenny on July 28, 2010

business blog writersYou may have some of the best blog headlines that can capture the reader’s attention almost immediately.  But, what happens after you have pulled them in with a great headline? You will need to have an opening that will back up the headline. Company blogging should be just that. The details should get more interesting as the blog gets more in depth. The best blogging tools should be used to pull the reader in deeper.

Open with a Question
Open your blog post with a question that does not require an answer yet gets the reader to thinking. A rhetorical question will have them wondering more about your business. This will also give your writing a more active engagement. It will start a conversation and keep the conversation flowing.

Let Your Words Create an Image
It is amazing how words can help a reader’s mind capture an image of what you are saying thru your writing. Engaging in their imagination is a powerful tool to open with. You can use words such as “imagine this” or “picture this” to help paint a picture in the reader’s mind.

Share a Famous quote
A quick humorous quote that pertains to your post can work wonders for blog. It will help capture the reader’s attention in the opening. They will see your humor and see how the quote pertains to your business.

Use an Analogy
This is a powerful device to use as well when you tell your story. You can use similes or metaphors that are thought provoking. You may even give readers a chance to tell themselves a story.

Link your closing back to your opening. They should go hand in hand. The closing should tie the reader back into your opening.

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