5 Ways To Get More Comments On Your Blog

by Jenny on July 30, 2010

Statistics show that one out of every 100 readers comment on blogs. The figures can be a little more or a little less than this. Leaving comments is one of the best blogging tools for business blog writers to use to influence more visitors to show activity on your blog.

Invite Readers to Comment
On your company blogging site, it is a good idea to invite visitors to comment. The numbers will be higher than they would if you did not offer them to comment. It makes them feel more welcome and that you value their opinions on your business.

Ask Open Ended Questions
Ask specific questions to increase the number of comments, but keep some of them open ended. This allows readers to show their expertise as well as offer good ideas that can possibly increase business for your company and traffic to your site. 

Business Blog WritersInteract with the Comments Visitors Leave
If you expect your readers to use your comments section, you have to be willing to do the same. It shows readers that you are paying attention to what they write and that you appreciate their input.

Be Rewarding
You can reward the good comments in your blog by acknowledging them. You can highlight those comments or refer to them in other posts you may write. When other readers see this reward, it may encourage them to post also. 

Make it Easy for Readers to Comment
A lot of sites require that you log in to comment. Many readers do not want to do this or they simply do not have the time. If you have to register to a site to comment, you will more than likely leave the blog. Keep your comment section easy for them.

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