5 Ways To Promote Your Blog Post

by Jenny on May 26, 2010

rssA blog can be a lot of fun if you know how to work on your blog to make it very popular and noticeable by blog readers. If you are a newbie in blogging, you will need a very good blogging tool to keep you at pace with the rest of the bloggers in the blogosphere. Here are some tips on blogging on how you can promote your posts well.

1- Invite Other Bloggers
Get in touch with other companies or complimentary companies to keep tab on your blog by creating links for you and you do the same to them.  It will really boost your presence once other blogs will keep mentioning your blog. Just like in the real world, word of mouth still has a pull towards getting traffic.

2- Social Networking Sites
Use the social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter to freely advertise your blog by creating a page or frequently inviting people to visit your blog. You may use some automated invitational tools that drive traffic to your blog using the social networking services.

3- Newsletters and Email
Send out newsletters and emails to invite people from your email contact lists. This will create an awareness to your email list and make them click on your link and find their way to your blog.  Be sure to ask them for tips and suggestions on what they want to see in the blog.

4 – Forum and Blog Comments
When you post comments on forums and others blogs, you can put a link to your post so that people can visit it and check it out as well. Make sure you make a relevant comment and that your post is connected to the topic that you are discussing at the forum or that of the blog you are also commenting.

5 – Email Signature
You can post your blog post as your email signature using a blogging tool like Feedburner. This tool provides you with a widget to add to your account settings. Or you can manually create an internal link to guide your email readers or friends to your blog post.

We’ve got plenty ideas of how to promote your blog post and in fact, we can do it while writing your blog post.  Contact us for a free quote on blog writing for your company.

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