5 Ways to Think of Article Content for Your Blog

by Jenny on December 22, 2009

Sometimes the most difficult part of writing a blog is thinking up content and what to write.  If you are business blogging, then you know that there are only so many times that you can write about your own products before thinking you are being insanely repetitive. 

One of the beautiful things about going with Compendium is that they will not only provide keywords that are important for your industry, but they will also supply links to relevant articles for your industry that you’re welcome to reference and comment on.  The important thing about doing that is that if someone is searching for that news story, they might stumble upon your site by mistake and therefore you get a great lead from someone that was looking at your industry already.

In addition to Compendium, you can also do the following:

  1. Sign up for Google Alerts
  2. Follow other blogs in your industry
  3. Join a Relevant Yahoo! Group
  4. Subscribe to a magazine or other print material in your industry
  5. Search for videos on YouTube about your industry

With Google Alerts you can enter any keyword that you wish and it will track that specific keyword every time a new article or instance appears on Google.  Then an alert is sent to your e-mail address, letting you know about new articles on the topic.  So, for example, if your company is Litter Lifter, then you might have “litter lifter” as a word to search for, as well as “litter scoop” and “litter box”.  Just to see what comes up.  We will continue to use Litter Lifter as an example for all the ways above.

Following other blogs in your industry in the case of Litter Lifter would be like following a blog on cats or cat product giveaways. 

A Relevant Yahoo! Group would probably be on cats or litter boxes.  There might not be one on your immediate product, a litter scoop.

You might subscribe to something like Cat Fancy and read through it once a month.  You might offer to write an article for Cat Fancy about the importance of a good litter box scoop.

Lastly, see what folks are saying on YouTube about cat litter, litter boxes and litter scoops.  It might be entertaining and educational.

Of course, if you simply do not have time to write or would prefer not to focus your efforts on writing, then please consider hiring Business Blog Writers.  We will do a top notch job at managing your blog’s content and getting the word out there.

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