9 More Powerful Blog Content Ideas For Business Blogs

by Jenny on February 1, 2011

9 More Powerful Blog Content Ideas For Business BlogsAre you in a rut when it comes to your company blog? Are your blog posts lack interest and are just plain boring? Business blogging 101 says that your corporate blog needs to be updated because readers crave for the new, the latest and the most relevant ideas and articles to them.

Here are 9 more things you can write about to revive a spark of interest in your business blog:

  1. Recent press features, awards received or honors awarded to you.
  2. Best practices you can share with your readers.
  3. Industry news, pieces and articles related to your line of business.
  4. Any experiences your partners or customers shared with you.
  5. The latest upgrades you’ve had or any new features you’ve introduced.
  6. Marketing collateral you can repurpose.
  7. Interesting emails or articles you’ve read.
  8. Significant phone conversations you’ve had.
  9. Products or services you sell.

Any of these topics can become part of your website content creation tactics to drive traffic to your company blog.

Should you find it difficult to publish your own compelling blog posts, we offer blog content writing services that can assist you in improving your business blog’s status. Contact us now for a free quote!

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