A Copywriter Blog Can Let People Know What Makes Intelligentsia Special

by Jenny on June 21, 2012

Blog Writing JobsFor coffee drinkers everywhere, where it comes from matters. Intelligentsia is a a Chicago-based company that offers specialty coffee from all over the world. Founded by Doug Zell and Emily Mange, Intelligentsia continuously aims to make people love coffee for its endless possibilities and economic opportunities.

Intelligentsia goes beyond simply serving you a cup of coffee. It works with independent coffee growers worldwide to ensure that quality coffee beans are served every time. They also serve tea and coffee merchandise like espresso machines, brewing tools, mugs, teapots and apparel.

Spreading the love for cofee, Intelligentsia also offers public training and facilitates The Extraordinary Coffee Workshop. This workshop is much like a forum where best practices are shared and discussed by coffee growers under their network.

To further increase its target market, Intelligentsia can employ the best blog writers to create a company blog that can shed more light on each endeavor the company makes in the coffee industry. It can include a progress report as well as contributions from coffee growers under Direct Trade with the company. Happy, loyal and satisfied customers can also share why they continue to patronize and love Intelligentsia.

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