A Simple Guide to Successful Blogging for Business, One Keystoke at a Time

by Jenny on September 9, 2012

There's a lot of noise in cyberspace, a whole lot of buzz in the blogosphere.  As a business owner, you expect a sound return on your investment.  You demand excellence in yourself and your employees.  You don't have time for nonsense, not when the economy is this tight.  So, take a moment to explore this simple guide to successful blogging for business, one keystroke at a time.

This advice pertains to professional bloggers and article writers as much as it does to CEO's, CIO's and VP's of Sales and Marketing: make every word count.  

Written words are composed of keystrokes, which ultimately convey information.  Consumer product information is communicated to the public in written form via technical manuals, brochures, articles, blogs, press releases, advertising and websites.  Written communication is vitally important.  A product description copywriter skilled in the use of keywords is worth their weight in gold. 

The proper keywords make all the difference in helping your businesses' brand, products and services get to the first page of the Internet search rankings.  Google and Yahoo use mathematical algorithms to sort through trillions of bits of information, filtering and ranking websites based on complex search  ranking formulas.  The more SEO product descriptions used to convey your company's offerings, the easier it is for your website to be indexed and linked, especially by social media sites which employ SMO – social media optimization.

Complicated?  It doesn't have to be.

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