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by Jenny on February 10, 2010

About people. About places. If you have had the opportunity to venture through Kansas City’s historic—and significantly renovated Hyde Park neighborhood, you have undoubtedly witnessed the numerous white and blue signs with a fascinatingly marketable “m,” which couples as a door. The increasingly familiar branding featuring the phrase “Renting Now,” are the creative genius of Mac Property Management, LLC. Smooth and modern branding aside, “Mac,” as most casually refer to it, is a company committed to the renovation of areas where economic infusion is needed and where promising, usually unattended or abandoned buildings cry for financial and physical affection.

One cannot discuss the implication’s of Mac’s urban renewals without discussing the history of the places that the company invests. Hyde Park, Kansas City, which predates the historic Country Club Plaza, was once Kansas City’s affluent center and held the distinction of having the area’s first 9-hole golf course. Apartment “hotels,” vanity houses, movie theaters and a croquet club were among the early neighborhood’s rich residential treasures. Though once home to some of the state’s wealthiest entrepreneurs, with the dawn of World War II many of Hyde Park’s original tenets died or relocated. The decline in residential ownership lasted until the 1970’s when the area recaptured the dollars and imaginations of area citizens and landlords.

Mac Property ManagementEnter Mac Property Management. Once plagued by boarded up buildings, lagging investment and crime, Mac Property Management entered the Kansas City Hyde Park neighborhood in an effort to prove that they are “committed to building better neighborhoods wherever we are, not only for our residents, but for the greater community.”

Today, Mac Property management actively rents 7 apartment prices with prices ranging from $449 for a studio at the cozy “Del Monte,” on Armour Blvd to $1,039 at the upscale and elegantly timeless “Yankee Hill.” Mac has another four properties currently under renovation and slated to open soon. Whatever your taste, whether a one bedroom unit with  stainless steel appliances and IKEA cabinets or a two bedroom with old warm charm and refined detail, Mac has a place for you to call home.

So you may be wondering why we are blogging about them.  As Business Blog Writers, we are a blogging service that can help a company like Mac Property Management get more tenants.  More than likely, a lot of the Mac Property Management’s tenants are college students from nearby Rockhurst University and UMKC.  College students are more inclined to go to Google than anywhere else.  Small business blogging is so beneficial when you can geographically target keywords.  Mac Property Management is a perfect example of this.  They can target folks looking for places to stay in the Kansas City area.  They can also target college students.  So a blog would not only help them with lead generation but also will help with talking about the latest and greatest deals and other ongoings.

Check out Mac for a 1/2 off first month’s rent and “$99” move in special.

Corey Dutra

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