Added Benefits of Using Compendium

by Jenny on December 13, 2010

Posting feedback from your readers to your blog has never been easier! With the unique feature that you can get only with Compendium, it is possible to post and publish their reviews,  stories, or experiences. This kind of feature helps make the reader interact with your site and and will create a deeper relationship. It also adds to the content of your blog and information put in by the visitor is relevant.

The Web-to-Post feature of Compendium enables you to edit, decline or approve any of the responses placed by a visitor into the form. When the reader enters their feedback, it goes to the program administrator who will decide if the reader’s input should be published, deleted or edited before posting. If the content is approved, then Compendium will automatically optimize it and distribute it based on the keywords to the site’s category.  The task is made much easier, faster, and more efficient. uses Compendium blogware. features the beautiful Ragdoll cat breed, helpful information about caring for our feline friends, new cat products and has exciting monthly giveaways, has the advantage of being able to use the Web-to-Post feature to gather stories from the numerous loyal fans on Facebook, Twitter and from the main site. The chosen stories go through the automatic optimization methods of Compendium and become ready-to-use, excellent content for the’s blog.

A great blogging platform can only be fully utilized if there is quality content. You might want to hire the services of professional writers to do this task. If you are interested about our writing services, you might want to ask for a free quote.

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