Advantages Of Writing Your Own Blog Content

by Jenny on June 13, 2013

Keeping a blog is a great way to promote your enterprise. However, good blogging is time consuming and labor intensive. Due to to the work involved and because some people just don't enjoy writing or aren't that good at it, many business owners look to freelancers to handle the writing for their marketing content. 
One reason to hire a blogger is to minimize time that you spend on writing. You can dedicate the time that you save to focusing on your product or service. Additionally, you can concentrate more on your clients instead of your marketing and establish a richer relationship with the people who do business with you.
Also, you can focus on creating new content that isn't necessarily writing. You might want to produce videos, make presentations, publish webinars, or organize promotional events. If you leave the writing to writers, you'll have lots more time to promote your business in other ways.
However, it isn't always the case that hiring a writer is the best way to go about creating a business blog. Here are a few reasons why:
  • Simply put, it's expensive. Good freelance work comes at a premium and sometimes small business owners can't afford that expense. Doing the writing yourself will save money in the end. 
  • Also, it could threaten your credibility if you publish content with your name on it that in fact is not your own writing. 
  • Finally, someone blogging for you from outside your company probably won't have the understanding of your business that you or someone working you directly has. 
In the end, you'll have to decide between writing your own marketing content or hiring writers to handle the work. It's not just a black and white issue, though: You also have the option to take care of some of the work and to offload projects you just can't accommodate in your schedule to outside writers. Finding the balance that suits your needs is the key to a shared work solution.
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