Applebee’s Restaurants Could Benefit Greatly From Business Blogging

by Jenny on August 18, 2011

Good food at good prices is what can be found at Applebee’s.  The largest casual dining chain in the world, Applebees can be found throughout the US and many other countries.


Whether craving a big bowl of pasta or a tasty salad this restaurant can provide.  Applebee’s takes pride in creating and serving in a neighborhood environment that is friendly, welcoming, and casual for all who enter.  Partnering with such entities like Weigh Watchers for those who are managing caloric intake and offering services such as Carside To Go makes Applebee’s a popular choice whether dining in or taking home to share.

One of the ways that Applebee’s could connect even more with their customers is by having an online community with their blog.  They could feature new specials, and even ask for customers to submit stories about their Applebee’s experiences.  In exchange for providing their customer experiences, Applebee’s could offer some sort of coupon as a thank you for the submission.  Freelance content writers could provide freelance content to really help the blog grow in popularity.

Being able to outsource content writing is simple and one can hire the best blog writers to create professional content.  It’s a proven marketing tool and you can learn more about blogging for your business by contacting us.

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