Are Blogs Even Profitable?

by Jenny on December 5, 2009

Blogs Even Profitable?

If you’re wondering if you should even have a blog for your business because you’re not sure if they are even popular, then perhaps you haven’t heard about very successful bloggers, like Jonathan Volk, Yaro Starak or John Chow.

These three bloggers make tens of (and sometimes hundreds of) thousands of dollars a month with their blogs. They promote various products and services, use affiliate marketing and sell advertising on their sites.  Because of their daily efforts to write quality content and get information out there about their site, their traffic increases on a daily basis.

You can read John Chow’s blog post about Jonathan Volk to understand how this works.

Business Blog Writers would do the same thing for your business.  Our goal is to get quality content out on a daily basis about your business as well as post links to your company’s website on other industry relevant blogging sites.

Granted, these guys did not have established businesses that they created their blogs for – rather their blogs are their businesses.  And because their blogs are their businesses, that is even more proof of how well a blog works at bringing in traffic.

However, the problem with using WordPress or Blogger when you are a large established business is that the platforms are not secure, and therefore aren’t safe.  That’s why we, Business Blog Writers, recommend Compendium Blogware for businesses.  But not only for the security of the platform, but also for the shear benefits of the ease of the platform.  There is little training involved because of the ease of the program.  It is as easy as signing into an email account and writing an email.

Learn more about Compendium or Contact Business Blog Writers to discuss your blogging options.

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