Authoritative Content: What it Means to Freelance Content Writers

by Jenny on April 10, 2013

You might have heard, read or seen the term “authoritative content”, but do you know what it really means? Authoritative content is expert advice written in the form of articles, white papers, journals or academic papers. It may also be digital content. To freelance content writers, it is the content that distinguishes the lead they will allow their clients to have over competitors. To write authoritative content means you are writing as an expert that can be trusted to provide solid guidelines. In some cases experts find they need to outsource content writing to gain.

Freelance writers that compose authoritative content must conduct research to come across as an expert. In some cases there are article writers that write for specific niches due to their expertise in that particular niche.

Another important characteristic of authoritative content is that it is written with website users in mind. This means it written to cater to the level of the audience taking into consideration their concerns, questions and other factors that they need to know. It is also written with far less emphasis on search engine optimization, instead more importance is given to writing naturally as opposed to writing with search engines in mind. This does not mean that authoritative content does not take SEO into consideration. However, some websites have made themselves an authority in their industry by using article writing and blog writing services offered by Business Blog Writers.

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