Avoid an Identity Crisis: Get the Right Brand Appeal with Freelance Content Writers

by Jenny on May 17, 2013

Many businesses rebrand with the hope of changing their image and embracing a different business model. They also hope that the new brand identity will gives clients and potential clients a better idea of what they now represent. Some decide to go the route alone relying on their perceptions and great ideas to pave the way to unmatched success. But the grandeur of fame and high sales figures are soon cut short when they have to rebrand again: one more time they are taken to the starting point and have to sift through their business model to see where they are falling short. Some survive, but others fall apart after going back to the drawing board more than three times.

Businesses that are testing the waters and are still in the incubator stages need to have solid content that defines their operations. Some freelance content writers can readily identify the major areas that should be adjusted to ensure that a company’s message is not lost in its content. This can happen when too much or too little information is given in its articles, white pages, brochures, webpage content, ads and even taglines. Therefore it is important to have the right balance to ensure that clients have a good impression from the start. While rebranding may be necessary in many instances, it gives a sense of instability and this can negatively affect how current and even future clients view a business and it operations.

Whether the business has an e-commerce model or offers services, knowing how o effectively communicate its brand is important from the start. Some company owners may decide to buy blog posts and others may hire a product description copywriter to shape the content of website to match their new brand. Keywords that were previously used may no longer be needed in the new business model. They then have to ensure that the transition from the old business model to the new one is smooth and this is only possible by getting a clear message across with a reputable content service.  The impact this service will have on the new business can easily be measured by how clients respond to it. In other words, while many clients may consciously know that the business rebranded, they should not feel as if something is missing. In essence they should not feel that the new business lacks something. This can only be avoided when meticulous steps are taken to evaluate the content from the previous brand and align the new one with a different if not better approach.

Undoubtedly, other factors have to come into consideration when rebranding and establishing a new identity online. However, each final idea has to be communicated through the written word to the online visitor. This is why creating web content involves more than just structuring sentences. A businesses’ content must not leave any doubt in the mind of the reader about is reputation, expertise and most importantly identity. Professional content writers can ensure that the right brand identity is in the place with the best tools. Whether this involves digital or written content, the impact these can have should not be taken for granted.

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