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by Jenny on February 16, 2010

Are you looking for a flexible internship that looks great on your resume?  Whether you are a School of Journalism student or an English major, then you are most likely the ideal candidate for our internship.

Internship Position Title: Blog Writer Internship
Number of positions desired: 2-3
Semesters desired:  Fall, Spring and Summer
Days Desired: Flexible    
Hours Desired: Approx. 30 hours/month

Description of intern’s duties and responsibilities:  The idea of this internship is to introduce students to the world of blogging and how it benefits businesses.  Blogging has become an important medium for public relations and lead generation for companies.  So, with that in mind, the intern’s duties and responsibilities include writing 250 words (original content only) or more every day for the blog to which they are assigned.  The actual writing will involve using keyword phrases that are designated for the blog in question.  In other words, they will pick 4-5 keywords/post and then write a post that includes those keywords and of course, that is relevant to those keywords.  The post should also include a photo when necessary and 3-4 links internally to the blog or externally to another site. 

You will be required to post every day of the month.  It is up to you whether you want to spend 30 minutes/post writing or if you want to spend 1 hour/post writing – that’s why the hours are approximate.  It really depends on your capabilities/quickness with getting out content.  Since the blogging platform allows scheduling of posts, you will have the opportunity to post in advance, meaning, of course, that if you want to, you could write all 30 of the  posts in one day, without the need to spend time on it everyday.  You divide and conquer however you need to!

Required Qualifications (special skills, training, education, experience):  Since this is blogging for businesses, you should have a good command of the English language as well as decent grammar skills.  You need have decent computer skills and knowledge of how to navigate the Internet.

You should have knowledge of how to use a research database online – usually accessed through a library homepage.  You might need to do research for your posts every now and again and therefore will need to draw information from professional resources like trade magazines, published professional articles, etc.


Internship Supervisor’s Name: Jennifer Dean

Supervisor’s e-mail        

Telephone Number: 913-400-3888

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