Better Ecommerce Experience with a Professional Product Description Copywriter

by Jenny on February 19, 2013

Poorly written product descriptions can damage your brand and cripple your online reputation. A professional product description copywriter can transform a lifeless description into a well-written prose that engages the reader. Instead of simply using the description provided by the manufacturers, freelance content writers use their creativity to highlight the key features and benefits of the product. This should appeal to the vision, sentiments and intellect of the reader so that the intent of a call-to-action is fulfilled.

But what happens if you don’t already have sample product description to create unique ones?  In this case the writer will have to use the image of the product and any available information online to create a unique product description. A client that is able to align description and image will have a greater connection with the product. You can even get more creative and use digital content creation to give your product more impact. This improves the overall e-commerce experience.
If your competitor sells the same products as you do, then the only edge you will have is by using the product description to win potential clients. As mentioned earlier this is done by appealing to the reader’s senses and using their needs as a focus point finalizes the whole process. To understand this better, imagine reading a bad product description like the one below and a good one, which are you likely to choose as a reader?

Bad product description: This fancy crib is the perfect crib to keep your bundle of joy safe and sound. It has a pink handle and is bathed with colorful decorations to make your little one smile.

Good product description: Give your baby a personal spot to call home sweet home.  This hard wood crib rocks colorful decorations that add life to any nursery or room. The pink handle personalizes the piece to highlight its delicate features for girls. The crib is made from high quality products that are durable to ensure that you and your baby have happy moments together for longer.

Answer: The second description is the good one because it mentions the type of material used and the “why care” factor is more dominant. The keyword “hard wood crib” makes it easy to appear in search results for queries for this type of material. The features of the products and needs of the shopper are also better aligned.  Believe it or not, sometimes the simplest keywords are omitted from product descriptions. 

We can make sure that your product descriptions have everything they need including key keywords, brand names and model names.  Contact us at 913-400-3888 with any questions you have.

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