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by Jenny on August 3, 2013

If you have a business that sells products or services and you need someone to write content for your current or upcoming blog, you need a blog copywriter. This term, although often used interchangeably with the term ‘freelance writer’ is slightly different. That’s because copywriters focus on not only writing, and not only writing online, as is the case with so many freelance writers today. Copywriters however, write that same content while focusing on promoting your product or service. So what does that mean for you and your blog?

Let’s take the example of a fashion retailer. If they were looking for a freelance writer they would post general information pieces to their blog. This might include things such as how to size a man’s suit jacket, current trends in the fashion industry, and what styles are most flattering for certain sizes and shapes. This is all general information that people can learn from and maybe use when shopping at that fashion retailer, but not necessarily.

A copywriter on the other hand, will tailor that content to that specific fashion retailer’s store or website. They may write posts focusing on one specific designer or clothing item that just came into that store; or they may largely advertise different sales and promotions that the store has coming up. Copywriters will often interject general information into their content, but largely it is some form of advertising or promotional content that they are creating.

It’s for this reason that copywriters have become known for being the go-to professionals when it came to things like creating brochures or pamphlets. However, with the world largely going paperless today, copywriters are now even more prevalent in online content and online writing. It’s important though that with this evolving industry, lines still don’t become blurred. Copywriters don’t and didn’t typically create images needed to go along with their content; and they still shouldn’t be today. If you need images custom created for your blog or website, you may need to consider also hiring a graphic designer.

Freelance writers, bloggers, content writers, and copywriters. There’s no doubt that when you’re looking for content to be published on your blog or website, there are a lot of different names and terminology that you will come across. It’s important though that you know the difference between copywriters and the majority of these other titles.

If you need online content with a specific focus on advertising your company and promoting its products or services, you should only work with a copywriter. These professionals know how to write gripping content that will not only be of interest to the readers, but also sell your product or service in the best and most effective way. And, if you need general content written, there’s a good chance they’ll be able to do that for you too!

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