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by Jenny on June 16, 2010

blogging ideasSometimes one of the most difficult thing about maintaining a corporate weblog is figuring out blog post ideas.

It’s a common problem not only for private blog sites but for company blogging as well. There is always a challenge in writing fresh and new ideas. However, as long as the topic will add value and importance to your prospective readers, it will be a good post.

In fact, the most important tip to remember is that corporate weblogs should never reiterate corporate rhetoric. It should be informative and of great use so that more visitors will click on it – after all, you want to encourage participation and conversation which will result in a highly interactive corporate weblog.

Here are some tips:

  • Answer Questions – your company may receive inquiries or questions through email, in person or via blog comments. It is a good topic to start with! Giving valuable answers or opinions to their questions is one way of creating more series of posts.
  • Ask Questions – request your employees and readers to put in their opinions to the corporate weblog. You may do this by posting a question and ask them to leave comments. But, of course, questions should be work-related. 
  • Do interviews – contact your company’s distributor, customer, manufacturer, supplier or even your own employee and inquire if they are interested doing an interview for the blog.
  • Highlight your company’s office and employees. This way they will feel valued and feel they are part of the “family”.

And, of course, when all else fails – or even before all else fails, contact us for a free blog writing quote.

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