Blog Writing Jobs Can Show How Underbidding Wins At Pricefalls

by Jenny on July 2, 2012

Selling an item online has its pros and cons. Auctioning off an item is a challenge as well. Pricefalls is an online store that sells various products by auctioning them off. What makes this company unique is mainly due to a special sesrvice called the Dutch Auction.

The Dutch Auction allows the seller of an item dictate the price floor or the lowest price the item can retail for. The bidding begins at the price ceiling, also set by the seller. It remains there for a week or "Catch It" period. Bidders can place their bids lower than the ceiling price. So the auctioning off the item is reversed.

Pricefalls can further promote the Dutch Auction method and its 350,000 products from top online sellers by having a copywriter blog. A company blog lets you feature items, allows you to engage your customers and get online feedback that can be valuable to your marketing strategies. The best blog writers can provide blog posts that can spotlight manufacturers and the advantages of using Pricefalls as a platform to sell items without listing fees.

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