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Many business owners have heard the terms “blog” and “website,” but they still have problems distinguishing between the two. Do you really need both? And what exactly is the difference? More importantly, why would you ever need to hire a blog writer if you already have a business website?

Your business’ website is very much like your business’ front office or front lobby. This is where people will come to learn more about your business, what you do, and how much you charge for your products and services. Because most of this information will remain the same (with minor updates from time to time,) your website pages will most likely remain consistent. Your blog on the other hand, should be changing several times a week.

Blogs first came to be known as “online diaries,” and this is very much the way you should still think about them today. Blogs are meant to be updated constantly, giving your readers fresh and new information that will be interesting and informative to them. Your blog can be about anything you want, whether you’re talking about a sale in your store, or just supplying general information about your products or services.

For example, if you sell lawn equipment you could use your blog to let people know why it’s so important to take care of their lawn all year round, and how they can do that. Of course, you should always include a call to action or a reason why people should be using your services specifically. A blog after all, is still meant to be used by you to promote your company.

So why should you hire a blog writer and, more specifically, why should you hire Business Blog Writers?

Blogs take a great deal of time to maintain, and at Business Blog Writers, we know what it takes to do it. Our blog writing services provide more than just current material uploaded regularly to your blog. If you’re having a problem brainstorming blog topics, we can help you with that. If you need material posted to your blog directly because you don’t have the time, we can do that too. And if you want to include YouTube videos or other media, we can also accommodate. We know that your blog needs to stand out among the millions that are out there online, and that’s why we’re here to help.

We can also help you with all of your online content needs; we don’t limit ourselves to blogs alone. We can provide you with product descriptions, content for your web page, articles, and more. We can help you with keywords, the backbone of any content, and we’ll also weave them seamlessly into any writing that you need done.

Blogs are online diaries and yes, they need to be updated constantly. But they’re also much more than that. They’re a way to get more attention online, and to bring people to your blog or your website. At BBW, we can help turn your blog from mediocre to massively popular!

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