Blogging Commandment # 1: You Must Have Regular SEO Content Writing Updates

by Jenny on April 26, 2013

Some blogs remain dormant for weeks or even years without any output from the webmaster. This leaves online visitors with the impression that the website is another one of the many contributing to the growing increase of an online junkyard of outdated websites. If you don’t want to fall into this category, then you must provide regular SEO content writing updates that show your readers you are still ahead of your posts and also not an infrequent online content writer. This also improves the ranking of your website, because blogs and websites are indexed more quickly when they have regular updates.

The frequency of the updates will revolve around your niche. Some niches do not require regular updates while others such as travel, technology, investments, etc, must be updated on a regular basis to remain relevant and competitive. You should only update if you have something important to say and avoid the temptation of updating with content that does not have any added value. By using an editorial calendar for your blog posts, you can maintain a better outline of your blogs and avoid blogging without relevance.

Regular updates to your blogs when creating web content also gives readers something forward to look to. This is especially the case when they decide to like your website on Facebook or join your Twitter followers. Some may even subscribe to your RSS feeds. Your regular updates will then be shared with their audience because they need content to fill their website and also because you have showed you are an expert in the field.

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