5 Steps to Successful Ecommerce Traffic Generation with Blog Reviewers and Contest Giveaways

by Jenny on April 26, 2011

This is a Guest Post by Pete Ekizian of Executive Gift Shoppe

To jumpstart your blog traffic and product or service promotions, consider setting up two programs that go well together: blog reviews and giveaways

Invite fellow bloggers to review your products on their blogs, offering them certain targeted products to choose from for free. And also ask the reviewers to host a contest, where they give away a gift from you, like a coupon or promot code to use in your e-commerce site.

Reviews and contests are like magnets to a lot of web visitors today.

So harness this traffic and redirect it to your site via the following steps:

1) Begin by being organized with an Excel worksheet. Using the Google Blog Search site, search for blogs in your niche that publish reviews and host contests. For example, if you sell products for dogs, you might search for “dog blog review” and “dog blog contest.” Review the search listings and post links of relevant blogs on your Excel worksheet.

2) After you list a batch of blog links above, review the blogs, posting their "Contact Us" info (usually an email address or Contact Us form link on their blog) in another column on your Excel worksheet, for follow up later.

3) Write a brief letter that you will send people in #2 above, setting up a form on your site for participants as described in the letter. It should read something like this, adjusted to fit your needs:


My name is ______, marketing director for [your company},www.YourWebsite.com.  We carry [what you sell] aimed at [target
audience]. I found your blog and enjoy the content, and was hoping you would consider writing a product review for one (or more) of our products.  We are focusing on [your products you want reviewed] at this time, linked below:


You may select any product with a limit up to $50.00 and in your review, we ask that you link back to that specific product page.  In addition, we would also be happy to offer a $25.00 gift certificate to one of your readers if you would like to run a contest or giveaway. Please let me know if this is something you would consider.

Overview of Your Store or Website

[Enter a short paragraph about your history here.]

To Participate:

Complete our online form at: www.YourWebsiteEntryForm.com [Note: set up a form where participants enter their name, mailing address, email, choice of product and blog URL.]

We’ll confirm receipt of your form’s submission so you know that your item is being shipped. Thanks for considering a review and contest for us!



4) Log the date you send these letters above on your Excel spreadsheet and follow up if you don’t hear back. Some people get busy or miss emails bouncing around. So it can pay to double-check.

5) As people do reply via your form above, confirm their submissions and send their gifts for reviews. Then follow up and post published review links on your Excel worksheet. Allow time for people to publish reviews, and if you don’t hear back, nudge via email until you get a link to record. Same thing with contests. Repeat this entire step for any bloggers who host contests – after all, sending the product is money out of your pocket.

As you work with blog reviewers and contest giveaways, tweak the steps above until you get a good fit for your own business. And don’t be afraid to reach out to fellow bloggers for advice and tips!

Of course, you can always hire Business Blog Writers to do your company blog writing as well.

Pete Ekizian is the marketing and customer relations director at Executive Gift Shoppe. They carry a unique line of business accessories and men’s gifts. If you’re looking for a Leather Money Clip Wallet, they have exactly what you need.

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