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by Jenny on April 26, 2010

If you’ve been reading our blog for some time, then you know what a fan we are of pet product companies.  In fact, we would love to blog for more than we do.  Right now we are blogging for dogdration, a premium pet water for dogs.

Pet product companies that do no have established brands can benefit greatly from blogging.

Pet owners are always looking for solutions to their problems with their pets or they are always wanting to try something new for their best friend.  However, if Internet searchers do not know your company’s name, then the chances of them finding you are slim – unless, of course, your product has been reviewed on a website that focuses on cats, dogs or other animals.

Urban Pethaus LogoLet’s look at Urban Pethaus, for example.  Urban Pethaus is a company in Phoenix, Arizona that makes modern pet furniture.  Their offerings include: a Slant Stair, Curve PerchCurve Bed and Sunk Dwell.

Urban Pethaus Slant Stair

Urban Pethaus Slant Stair

Their designs are very modern and functional.  Their products are of exceptional quality and workmanship, however, the majority of people looking for stairs up to their couch or their bed for their pup, wouldn’t think about searching “slant stair” to find that staircase.

Now, we’re not suggesting that Urban Pethaus change the name of their product.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  What we’re recommending is that Urban Pethaus hire us to write a blog about “stairs for pets” and “cat stairs” or “stairs for cats” as the Google Keyword Tool suggests for such a thing.

Once they have a number of blog posts about “stairs for pets” then inevitably, they will show up in a search result for “stairs for pets” the next time an Internet searcher desires to find such a thing.

As Business Blog Writers, we not only write creativity and professionally, but also with enthusiasm.  If you are a pet product company or another great company looking to get some blog writing done, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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