Blogs Versus Vlogs

by Jenny on December 9, 2010

Though Vlogs may be interesting, it still requires written content for the search engines to find it. No matter how great the video is, from the title, to the description, and the tags, you can’t do without written content. There are many people who are into video blogging and it’s an easy way to bring targeted visitors to your site but you still need content.
Professional bloggers know that adding videos to the blogs makes it more search engine friendly. Blogs and videos work together but the video blog cannot do well without content. The Google loves unique content and this and keywords are searched for from the beginning to the end of your post.

Primary and secondary keywords and related keywords will serve to make your blog or vlog more attractive in Google sites. If you wish to dominate search engine results for a specific niche, Vlogs won’t do the trick. Videos may help with your marketing efforts and make it easier to explain how to’s and show case your products services as an advertisement.

When you get down to the bottom line, the words that are written down in your blog are the ones that really count in Google’s eyes. A well-written post with the right sprinkling of keywords, a photo or a video will make the reader more interested on the topic that you are discussing. A call to action must added at the end of the post and it should be effective enough to convince the reader to do as you want them to.

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