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by Jenny on January 27, 2011

One of the HUGE advantages of social media is that it allows you to interconnect your sites – of course, it can also bring a lot more work because of the coordianation involved.

One of our clients discovered that they could put their call-to-action image within their YouTube Channel’s home page.  Not only that but they were able to add their website banner to the top of their YouTube Channel.

Here’s how to add a jpeg for your call to action on YouTube:

1. Sign in
2. Go to “My Channel” – which is available under the username
3. Click on “Branding Options”
4. There are two options there – Channel Banner and Channel Side Column Image
5. First upload an image to your Channel Banner, specify the image’s height and then include the Channel Banner Link URL – this of course, can go to your main site or to your blog.
6. Second upload an image to your Channel Side Column Image – you probably want this to be your CTA. 
7. Then include a Side Column Image Link URL so that if someone clicks on the CTA it redirects them to your site or blog or in our clients’ case – their Web to Post feature through Compendium Software.
8. Then click “Save Changes”
9. Of course you want to be sure to double check how it turned out and click on the images to make sure the links aren’t broken.

This is how’s YouTube Channel turned out Branded:

YouTube Channel Banner and Channel Side Column Image

YouTube Channel Banner and Channel Side Column Image

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