Building Better Brand Identity By Harnessing the Power of the Blogosphere

by Jenny on September 12, 2012

Every consumer brand in the world including bastions of free enterprise like Coca-Cola, Ford, GM, and GE, to entrepreneurial newcomers Apple, Dell, Microsoft and Google all shared a common point or origin.  They built their brands one person, one buyer at a time.  In a world with seven billion people, 2 billion of whom now browse the Internet for products and services, the world is your oyster.   But, unless you know how to build better brand identity by harnessing the power of the blogosphere and shucking that oyster, your message may fall on deaf ears, in a world filled with people too blind to see.

The blogosphere is virtually alive, abuzz with activity.  From major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, to social media sites like Facebook, You Tube, Pinterest and Twitter, you have some very powerful resources to utilize in your quest to build brand identity.  However, clarity of purpose and laser-like focus are among the content creation tools you will need in your toolbox.  Creating web content tailored to your target audience is as important as instilling value and a call-to-action for your products and services.  You must communicate with your audience in simple, conversational language, with enthusiasm!

The formula for successful brand building includes the dual acronyms: SEO and SMO.  SEO stands for search engine optimization; SMO for social media optimization.  SEO product descriptions are essential tools for building your brand.  So is linkage to popular SMO platforms.

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