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by Jenny on March 17, 2011

Business Blog StatisticsAlthough business blog writing has proven to be an effective sales tool, to know how your own company blog is doing, you might want to check and analyze the numbers your blog is bringing in. This is also great way to validate which strategies worked in the past and which are those that you need to change.

Here are 5 blog markers to look out for:

  1. SEO content that generate direct traffic based on your utilization of the right keywords.
  2. Lower Bounce rate and let first time visitors become regular readers by keeping your blog updated regularly with insightful blog content.
  3. Popular posts that generate comments and repeat visits mean that the topic you chose for those are relevant, controversial and interesting.
  4. Find out where your traffic comes from. If they are from search engines or if they found your business blog from another blog or site. You can tap this source by creating a connection and find ways to further increase your traffic.
  5. Revisit how you managed seasonal traffic and how you can duplicate the practices you did that were successful on bringing in more traffic to your company blog.

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